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Rolston Fransis 
Savitri Etwara aka Savi has two brothers and four sisters and is the eldest of her siblings. She attended York College in Queens, NY where she majored in Business and Administration Assistance. Her background is working with the elderly, hospitals, group homes in particular a group home of Mental Retardation. One of Savi’s major accomplishments was that of being a restaurant owner. Savi has managed an outreach center for drug, alcohol withdrawal, alcoholism and domestic violence. Among Savi’s many passions, she loves to travel by way cruises, dancing and helping people in difficult situations. Savi meet Islah Aziz in the hospital where they were roommates, through engaging conversation, Islah made Savi aware of a production about AIDS that she was in the mist of on. All Savi wanted at the time was a ticket to the stage play. Unbeknownst to Savi, she would receive a call from Mrs. Aziz asking her if she would be interested in playing a part in the play, as the previous actress was unable to commit and she needed to someone to play the part of “Laura”. With no prior acting skill Savi took on the challenge, embraced the role and became a cast member. Because of Islah, Savi was able to do something that she had only dreamt of. This is a case of DREAMS DO COME 
The Cast Members
Sandra Carty performing the role as NZINGA the doctor in the prison. I am a native of Trinidad and Tobago, I have one son and a granddaughter, my first theatre experience was at age 16 on the stage of Queen Hall in Trinidad, I have always been a great lover of theatre. A faithful member of the Broward Community for many years, past board member of People Living with AIDS Coalition, presently a board member of Broward Coalition on Ageing, my background is a Family Senior Adviser​