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The Cast Members 
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​Lorraine McCarthy: Born in Newark NJ. and is currently working on her MBA at National University. Enjoys Acting and guessing winning lottery numbers. Looking forward to being a working actress. Lorraine will perform as Faith in "A Devastating Impact"
John Morris came to us from Famous Faces Films,
commercials, and productions.  John is very talented in our December Production of "A Devastating Impact".  John Portrayed "Lino" Any role he takes on he brings his all. 
​ Laurie Tanner Portrays Laura  in the Therapy
Group. Laura Brings to the stage  something extra
and that's a realness that makes you wonder is she acting or is she really Laura. she brings life to the 
therapy group. and laughter to the audience coming to us from Theatre South. We are blessed to have her in this production. 
 Debbie Goins a great actress and choreograher
came to us from the production out of "South Theatre" she's amazing, exciting and gives her all welcome aboard Debbie. Debbie is protrayed as *Simone. and will make you want to cry.

​Keith (Special 'K') McCary Sr
Cuz'n Pete from the movie Poetic Justice.
w/Janice  Jackson, Maya Angelo, Tupac Shakur
Keith is new to TCCA
Keith Brings his professionalism
The Annoucer
Pastor Drew
His Bio is as big as  this page
but will be available
at showtime
come meet this great actor
and all of our great actors
along with
Cuz'n Pete

Rolston Frances has been with
TCCA for four years as "Fred"
Jamaican Born Rolston brings Flavor to the stage & music.
James Murat brings professionalism to the Theatre Group as it's coach. Haitian Born, James is an excellent actor, while studying to farther his skills 
in acting school and sharing what he's learning with the actors of the play. We are very pleased to have James Murat with us. look forward seeing james as he portrays chuck in the Therapy Group.