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The Cast Members 
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Wayne Scatterwhite - Chuck
Wayne has been with TCCA for (3) years Wayne is a character actor that can surprise you with his many portrayals of different styles , voices and looks. he puts his all in his portrayal of Chuck which comes from part his part in past experiences; (2) Plays - "Columbus"-character of "Diego" and "The Manger"/ "Joseph". He also worked in Vvirginia doing A/V Director for Modeling Shows, Wayne also worked backstage at "Sunrise Musical Theater" serving the stars.   Thanks Wayne
​Lorraine McCarthy: Born in Newark NJ. and is currently working on her MBA at National University. Enjoys Acting and guessing winning lottery numbers. Looking forward to being a working actress. Lorraine will perform as Faith in "A Devastating Impact"
Samantha T. Cuhna was Born in Brazil and at the age of 3 came to the United States, she was raised in South Florida and Showed up for auditions June 17, 2017. She recited her role as if she had been acting all her life. We are so pleased to have her playing the role of Laura in " A devastating Impact" Welcome aboard Samantha . 
John Morris came to us from Famous Faces Films,
commercials, and productions.  John is very talented in our December Production of "A Devastating Impact".  John Portrayed "Lino" and is understudy as the "THE DOCTOR".  Any role he takes on he brings his all.